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Resources in Bloomington/Normal, IL




A. Heartland Christian Counseling


            1520 E. College Avenue #M

            Normal, IL 61761

            (309) 261-6831


            Services include: Individual (all ages), Couples, Family, and Biblically Based Counseling


B. Carrie Bussman, LCPC

1100 N. Beech

Building 13A

Normal, IL 61761



C. Agape Counseling


            211 N. Veterans Parkway Suite 1

            Bloomington, IL 61704

            Phone: (309) 663-2229

            Fee: private insurance and sliding scale available


D. McLean County Center for Human Services (Community Mental Health Center)


            108 W. Market Street, Bloomington, IL 61701

            Phone: (309) 827-5351 (24 hours a day); PATH (community service hotline     service) answers the phones after regular business hours.

            Fees: Medicaid/Medicare, some private insurance and a sliding fee scale. No cost      for crisis services.


            Crisis Services: Responds to mental health emergencies 24 hours a day via direct             call to (309) 827-5351 or PATH (Providing Access To Help) (309) 827-4005. Staff will respond in person, via phone, or meet at an agreed upon location (hospital, police dept.). Staff will respond to any mental health emergency and access psychiatric in-patient treatment and outpatient treatment services. Crisis services cannot access substance abuse services without the individual willing to present and participate at a substance abuse treatment facility. Crisis services are the only way to access State of Illinois Mental Health inpatient services and inpatient services for the indigent population.


            Outpatient Services: Individual counseling/therapy services for adults, adolescents, children, and family. CHS does not provide marriage, family, or couples counseling. Services provided for psychiatric/psychological issues including anxiety, depression, personality disorders, behavioral problems and more serious and persistent mental illness. Psychiatric services are available to established CHS psychotherapy clients. CHS has adult psychiatrists and very limited hours of a child/adolescent psychiatrist.


            Outreach Services: A system of three programs providing services to adults with             serious and persistent mental illness, including psychosocial rehabilitation (PSR), residential, supported living arrangements, and case management services. Children and adolescents can be served through an intensive outreach program.




            201 E. Grove Street, Bloomington, IL 61701

            Phone: (309) 827-4005 or 1-800-570-7284


            Provides 24-hour hotline services and crisis intervention services, through CHS, and non-emergency referrals to local resources. PATH has information for community support group services and all community services available to McLean County residents. PATH also provides services to area homeless, manages the Compassion Center (daytime drop in center for the homeless), provides case management services to seniors, and investigates elder abuse cases reported in McLean County.


F. Countering Domestic Violence—Neville House


            1301 W. Washington, Bloomington, IL 61701

            Phone: (309) 827-7070


            Neville House: The Neville House provides emergency shelter for women and children. Off-site arrangements are available for male victims of domestic violence. Neville House provides support groups for victims of domestic violence and their children, individual counseling, and legal advocacy.


            Outreach Advocacy: Crisis follow-up advocacy provided through local police departments.


G. Advocate Behavioral Health


            403 W. Virginia Avenue, Mercherle Hall, Normal, IL 61761

            Phone: (309) 451-2910

            Fees: private insurance


            Advocate Behavioral Health provides individual, couple, marital, and family therapy on an outpatient basis for children, adolescents, and adults. Also provides services for individuals with sexual dysfunction. Advocate provides psychiatric services to children, adolescents, and adults from both adult and child psychiatrists on staff.


H. Catholic Charities


            603 North Center Street/502 South Morris Street, Bloomington, IL 61701

            Phone: (309) 820-7616 (Counseling and foster care)

                        (309) 829-6307 (Center Street Business Office)

            Fees: Sliding fee scale


            Provides adoption services to families interested in adopting a legally free child. Also provides advocacy programming for youth involved in the legal system. Family preservation programming is provided through the Family Solutions and Family First programs. Mental Health Counseling is provided to individuals, couples, and families, regardless of race or denomination.


I. Chestnut Health Systems: Counseling, Psychiatric, and Family Services


            1003 Martin Luther King Drive, Bloomington, IL 61701

            Phone: (309) 827-6026


            Provides individual and group counseling in all areas, but specializes in marriage,             family, and budget counseling.






A. Illinois Institue for Addiction and Recovery (Division of Proctor Hospital)


            Virginia at Franklin Avenue, Normal, IL 61761

            Phone: (309) 888-0993 or 1-800-522-3784

            Emergency detoxification available 24 hours a day through Advocate Bromenn’s             Emergency Department.

            Hours: Admission appointments available 24 hours a day.

            Fees: Private Insurance

            Illinois Institute for Addiction and Recovery provides chemical, gambling, spending, food, sexual, and Internet addiction treatment and chronic pain with addiction. The program runs an inpatient and evaluation of the need for medically supervised treatment. They provide group and individual counseling utilizing the 12-step program of Alcoholics Anonymous. These are adult services only.


B. Chestnut Health System—Lighthouse


            1003 Martin Luther King Drive, Bloomington, IL 61701

            Phone: (309) 827-6026


            Lighthouse is a comprehensive, non-hospital alcohol and drug rehabilitation center providing diagnostic evaluation and assessment, social setting detoxification, residential treatment, traditional and intensive outpatient counseling and aftercare. Services individuals aged 12-17 in the adolescent program and individuals 18 and older in the adult program.





A. Pregnancy Resource Center (Living Alternatives)


            303 Landmark Drive Suite 1B Normal, IL 61761

            Phone: (309) 452-

            Fees: free

            Provides free pregnancy testing as well as education regarding all options available to a woman who finds herself pregnant.


B. Planned Parenthood of East-Central Illinois


            318 West Washington, 3rd Floor, Bloomington, IL 61701

            Phone: (309) 827-4368: Education, Teen Awareness Group—T.A.G. Hotline)

                        (309) 827-4014: Health Center

            Fees: Maximum income guidelines apply. Sliding fees scale up to 250% of poverty level. Medicaid and private insurance accepted.


            Planned Parenthood provides basic medical care relating to gynecological problems and pregnancy. If serious medical problems develop or pregnancy occurs, individuals are referred for more specialized care.


            Services: Birth control, Child Sexual Assault Prevention training and consultation, medical services for women (reproductive health, hormone replacement therapy and Colposcopy and Cryotherapy for abnormal pap smears), medical services for men (testing and treatment for STIs and testicular cancer exams), pregnancy counseling and testing, and sex education.


C. The Baby Fold

            108 West Willow Street, Normal, IL 61761

            Phone: (309) 452-1170

            Fees: No Fee


            Provides pregnancy counseling to birth parents dealing with an unplanned pregnancy in the Healthy Start Program. This program also targets new parents and families that are at risk for child abuse and neglect. The Baby Fold also provides a Teen Pregnancy Prevention program for schools, churches, or other youth groups using the “Baby Think It Over” infant simulators.




            A current listing of meeting times for support groups may be obtained through PATH by calling (309) 827-4005 or 1-800-570-7284.


            A full range of support groups are provided within the community ranging from 12-step support groups, groups dealing with living with a disability, domestic violence, divorce, grief/loss, issues related to being gay, lesbian, and other groups related to living with an illness (HIV, cancer, Multiple Sclerosis, etc.).

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