Northside Church of Christ
Welcome to Northside! We desire to LOVE GOD with all of our hearts, LOVE OTHERS as Christ loves us, and to SERVE THE WORLD through the power of the Holy Spirit.
There are many ways you can contribute to this mission: 
  • Sing on the Worship Team - we're the ones standing in front with the mics and the music stands and we're always looking to add to our numbers. All you need is a decent singing voice (you don't have to be an opera singer to sing with us!), a heart for worship and an hour or two to practice on the weeks that you are scheduled to sing.
  • Help with worship planning - we meet every week with the ministers to choose songs, scriptures and determine the "format" for the Sunday morning worship service.
  • Share your gifts - if you have a gift for public speaking, scripture reading, art, drama or any other talent which might enrich our worship, we'd love to find a way to help you use those gifts within our worship service.
If you'd like to get involved in improving and advancing worship at Northside, please contact the ministry.


Our mission and purpose for worship at Northside mirrors our church purpose:
We strive to love God and to love the people He created.
Because we love God, we want to draw closer to God, to know Him better and to be made more like Jesus through this process. We want to thank God for all that He is and all that He has done. We want to point the spotlight on Him, focusing on His loving nature and His mighty deeds. We want to remember God's Story and all that He has done to care for His people - in the past, in the present and in the days to come.
Because we also love the people God has created, we also want to encourage one another and to serve one another. We want to help people to know God better and accept Jesus as Lord of their lives. We want to tell God's Story to everyone, encouraging others to fall in love with God and to honor Him in all that they do.


We want our Sunday morning worship service to be:
  • A special time where God's people can gather together to show their love for God and to love each other.
  • An accepting environment in which everyone feels free to share their gifts and where people can express their love for God in any way that they feel moved to do.
  • A community event, where those who are in need or are hurting can come for encouragement, comfort and provision.
  • A place where people are eager to go and a time that people can't wait to start and don't want to end.
  • A gathering of God's people where God's presence is evident, so that all who gather with us will say "God is really among you!" (1 Cor 14:25).


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